Annual report 2021 In dynamic market environment

In a dynamic market environment characterized by high demand, supply chain bottlenecks and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SFS seized opportunities that arose in each of its segments to boost its sales by 11.0% to CHF 1,893.1 million, an outcome based on its ability to fill customer orders. All end markets and regions contributed to this good growth. The result was a high level of production capacity utilization that strengthened profitability and generated a strong EBIT margin of 15.9%.

Annual report 2021 videos


Conversation between Heinrich Spoerry, the retiring Chairman of the Board and his nominated successor, Thomas Oetterli.


Retrospective to the financial year 2021 from Volker Dostmann, CFO of the SFS Group.

Key takeaways

Sales increase compared to 2020
Investments in future growth continued
in CHF million
Record high EBIT margin achieved


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